Last Drops of Summer

In the last week of my summer holidays my brother surprised me with a little getaway to the south of France and its safe to say that it was an amazing few days before uni life began. In between working full-time at a law firm during my holidays and before starting my final year doing a law degree, I would say it was a well-deserved break as well!

Hence, I have been a little absent from this little spot on the internet in the past week. Unfortunately, illness, a short holiday, moving back to uni and starting work on my dissertation got the better off me these days…

So, in order to catch up, here’s a short time travel in pictures back to two weeks ago when I was visiting the beautiful cities of Cannes, Nice and Monaco.

Nice Holiday 3

The beach in Cannes was so beautiful. As it was end of September the sea was freezing cold so it was not until tiptoeing around it for a while that I had the courage to jump in (and then did not get out until my brother forced me to)!
Holiday Cannes

Here’s a quick snap from our hotel window in Cannes, which looked out on to the main shopping street. Oh and can you guess that red carpet?

Now as I have returned to the cold British weather, I find it nice to look back at the amazing food, the relaxing atmosphere, the glistening sea and have it all fill me up with the warmth of the south again.

Hope you all got to enjoy the last drops of summer in the past weeks and are ready to kick off autumn!

One of Those Days

One of Those Days

Those meaning where things only seem to get worse. Where you might be ill, need to work, get caught up in a seemingly never-ending rain with no umbrella,…I could go on but I would rather spare you all the other details of my day. And yes, all of these and more things have happened on the day of writing this. My reaction for the first hours can be summed up as drowning in negativity. We all say “look at the bright side of things” to others. But really when it comes down to it, how many of us can admit to feeling positive when the day continues to drag you down?

To me, responding with a frown to anyone trying to cheer me up, has always seemed perfectly reasonable. But as I stood outside  (more…)

The Bestseller Effect

Ramchand Bruce Phagoo - Book shelves

It is unlikely that you should have heard of The Bestseller Effect yet. After all, I just came up with it two minutes ago and my google search has not been very successful in pointing me towards what I wish to describe so I shall have a go at a brief definition. (more…)

Something new: Not That Kind of Girl

Book cover- Not That Kind of GirlHere’s my first pre-order purchase ever and it goes by the name of Not That Kind of Girl. Written by Lena Dunham, who if you didn’t know is starring as Hannah in HBO’s Girls. I remember watching a few episodes of this, specifically because it was slowly starting to be labelled as the “new SATC”. However, I cannot say that any similarities go beyond an all female cast and the big apple setting, seeing as the shows themes and characters are far more relatable than its initial comparison.

Whilst Carrie Bradshaw was about Cosmos, Vogue and Manolo Blahniks – Girls is about issues of unemployment, self-confidence- or the lack thereof, and simply not being able to either afford or cope with (the big city) life at times. And it is these real life, everyday girl themes that the main character is giving an insight into- this time from the rather personal (more…)

After One Day, now it’s Us

Book cover- UsDavid Nicholls is back. After the craze on his last novel One Day made it on to the big screen with Anne Hathaway reportedly doing a rubbish interesting take on the Yorkshire accent, his new novel Us will be out at the end of this month. Long listed for the Man Booker Prize 2014 and praised in the highest tones, there seems to be quite an anticipation for this new novel that deals with all the issues of an unexpectedly common topic: the long married couple.

This topic in particular is what drew my attention- what Jojo Moyes describes as “what happens after the Happy Ever After”. Many times you read a book but wind up thinking (more…)

The Liebster Award

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 13.31.18


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Andrea from Honey Sweet Bird Sonia from Dreaming of Daisy&Dots  Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice. If, like me, you hadn’t heard of it before, I can sum it up to you as a chain letter style, fun way of giving recognition from bloggers to other bloggers. Anyone reading this can count themselves as nominated and so if you fancy joining in as a fellow Liebster, just answer the questions I have at the bottom of this for you! (more…)

Tender is the Night

Book cover - Tender is the NightA while back when the Great Gatsby was released as a film, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel and the theme of roaring twenties have had their big come back. There are countless reasons for its popularity for nearly a century now and I will not dwell on it any further here. I can simply say that on the top of my head it is the only flawlessly written book I have read so far.

So when Fitzgerald published his last novel- Tender is the Night – it is easy to see why it inevitably stood in Gatsby’s great shadows for its readers and critiques back in the day. And yet the books could not be more different (more…)

Life of Pi

Book cover - life of piI am sure you have all seen the film poster or trailer of Life of Pi a few years back, but did you also know that it is originally a book, written by Yann Martel, based on a true story? No? Well then read on…

The story of Piscine (aka Pi) Patel is a strange one that you don’t hear everyday. Pi has had, what most of us would already consider an unusual childhood, living in the Pondicherry zoo in India owned by his father. However, this part “only” makes up a quarter of the book. What follows is an unbelievable, captivating (more…)

Mandatory – The Fault In Our Stars – Review

Book covers - The Fault In Our StarsI am going to repeat what I have already read and heard from so many. Reading TFIOS I laughed and I cried, and I cried when I laughed, and as I laughed I cried again. On and on. Seriously- and I am the kind of person who has never before cried whilst reading or as a matter of fact laughed this much.
I particularly liked the simple ways in which John Green writes and still manages to communicate deep thoughts. Definitely looking forward to be reading more of him soon!

The story is written from the point of view of a terminally ill young girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster and we find out about her life and struggles, in such a light hearted, often sarcastic and always humourous way. I’ll admit that initially I had my doubts on (more…)

The Kitchen Boy

Book cover - The Kitchen BoyThe Kitchen Boy is a story based upon true facts written by Robert Alexander. The story is told in retrospective by Leonka, who served as a kitchen boy under the family of the last star of the Russias and their captivity. It recounts their last days before the tragic assassination of the royal family- and this is no spoiler, after all the author is a historian and this assasination is a fact now known to be true. (more…)

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